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Family Matters—Kids on Chairs

Usually we as parent and teacher types are fussing at the kids to not stand on chairs. This week at The ROCK at church we'll be doing the exact opposite, and ASKING kids to stand on chairs! It's probably my favorite week of the year with our children's ministry, where we are not only talking about missions and ministry, but where we are having our kids DO missions and ministry. Even down to our pre-schoolers who we need to have stand on chairs to reach the tables and put together the meals for Haiti. In talking with Karol after she shared about this event in the children's moments at church, she said her math may have been off—over the past few years with this even, the kids at our church have probably packed more like 36,000 meals, and we have the chance to do more this Wednesday night!

This is how the joy and passion for sharing the love of Jesus through serving ministries gets planted and grown in our kids—by putting them in places where even from a very young age, they are able to impact lives in powerful ways. If I may brag on the Rev. Darling Wife for a moment, I've never seen a church that is so intentional and consistent in empowering kids at such a young age to be personally involved in DOING missions and ministry! But with tools like this meal packing night through Lifeline Christian Missions (, it's easier than you might think to add to the ministries of any size church, and as a way to more deeply engage with those outside the church (a local Girl Scout group is helping tonight too)!

Sports are great. Yet when sports which kids only follow for a few years, take precedence over the eternity that is fostered in church, or the literally life-saving opportunities such as this meal packing event, perhaps our time management decisions need to be checked. We often say we're thinking of the kids and helping in their scholarship hopes when we encourage sports commitments. But words like "miniscule" and "dismal" are used to describe kids' sports scholarship chances, for scholarships that most often are "dinky" in size, compared to the much greater return on investment for kids in church (do your own research if you don't like the sound of the words I found!).

Now that my own kids are launched from our home, I'm seeing how real those words are that our elders have been repeating for generations, of how quickly the little time passes that we have our kids, and when we can so fully shape how they invest their time, their energies, and influence the shape of their passions. This kind of food packing event not only has the power to transform and literally save lives in Haiti and other far corners of the globe, it has the rare power to transform the lives in your kids' bedrooms and at your kitchen table.

If the cost is letting the kids climb on chairs one night out of the year, that's a pretty low cost. And if we really want to, we can start again next week fussing at the kids again for standing on chairs!

Let's get packing—this Wed. Afternoon and evening!

Rev. Jim






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