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Tour Host Church Information

Epworth Choir


 Spring Tour 2019 Information
for Potential Host Churches

Pastors and Congregations,

Thank you for considering hosting the Epworth Choir from Cuyahoga Falls First UMC. On this page, you will find information helpful in making your decision.

The touring Epworth Choir is composed of about 40 youth, grades 7-12. Their musical selections include a variety of pieces, ranging from classical to contemporary.

Listed below are some sample pieces from Epworth Choir's Home Concert performed last spring. Feel free to sample and share the pieces with others helping in your decision.

Epworth Choir will be traveling March 24 through March 30. They will travel through Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee

Time with the host church(es) is usually scheduled as follows:

       4:00 pm     Arrive at host church

                        Set up for concert

                        Pre-concert rehearsal

       6:00 pm     Dinner, provided by the church

                         In the past, churches have ordered pizzas, shared in a potluck,
                         or provided a group meal

       7:00 pm     Concert, open to the church and the surrounding community

       8:30 pm     Youth and adults are coordinated with host families and sent home with

      7:30 am     Next day, host families return youth or adults back to the church for 

Host churches are asked to provide space for the concert, an evening meal for the group, and, if the church desires, a love offering. Epworth Choir will be bringing their own robes, risers, and additional equipment for the concert. If a piano or organ is available at the church, they are used with the permission of the church.

Homes hosting youth for the night are asked to take 2 or more of the same gender youth or 2 or more of the same gender adults to their home and to provide breakfast for them in the morning. A light breakfast of cereal is welcomed.

For questions about scheduling, music or performance set up, please contact

     Dean Wagner
     Director of Music Ministries
     (330) 923-5241, ext. 221







Epworth Choir

Here are a few sample pieces. Enjoy!

Listen Download
07/01/11 - Epworth Choir
Missa Festiva: Gloria
07/01/11 - Epworth Choir
Missa Festiva: Agnus Dei
07/01/11 - Epworth Choir
For the Beauty of the Earth
07/01/11 - Epworth Choir
O Sifuni Mungu


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